Tips for Combatting Dry Skin

If you’re like most women, your bathing and cleansing habits were likely formed in your childhood. For the majority of us, that means frequent showers and long baths, perfumed soaps, deodorants and a possibly a range of facial cleansers. If you have dry skin, however, those same products and habits can be reasons why your skin is dry. Frequent bathing and commercial soaps can strip your skin of vital moisture. Here, then, are some tips, which can restore youthful suppleness to your skin:

Cut back on baths and showers, even facial cleansing
Shower or bathe every other day or less. In between, you can perform sponge baths on odor-causing parts of your body. Where you face is concerned, dry skin sufferers should wash with a cleanser only once a day, preferably in the evening. In the morning, just splash cool water or use a moisturizing toner and apply moisturizer. Because cleansers can strip away sebum and natural moisturizing factors from your skin, washing at night gives your skin time to replenish itself, before you need to face outside elements, such as wind, cold, and sunlight. Morning scrubs don’t give your dry skin time to recover its defenses before you go outside.

Rinse off thoroughly
Soap can leave a film on your skin that is drying. Wash off all residues of soap carefully. Some doctors recommend that you rinse your face carefully-from fifteen to twenty-five splashes-to remove all soap.

Approach towels with care
Washcloths can further irritate your skin, so you should avoid using them. When drying off, pat your skin, rubbing can irritate dry skin.

Avoid using astringents and clarifying lotions on your face
These products contain alcohol and can irritate dry skin.

Keep your house cool
Overheated houses are one of the main reasons dry skin seems to occur more often in the winter. The less hot air that circulates, the better chance you have of keeping some humidity in the air.

Learn to love hosueplants
Houseplants perform much the same job as a humidifier, by keeping more moisture in the air. Keep them well watered and see what a difference they can make in your skin.

Avoid steam baths and saunas
Saunas and steam baths can make you sweat, and sweat can leach out natural moisturizing factors in your skin, leaving your skin drier than it was before.

Get periodic facials
Find a good skin care salon and get regular facials. Professional cleansing and facial care are not just good for your skin, they can also be relaxing moments that help relieve stress, one of the chief causes of wrinkles.

Exercise increases blood flow and thus the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your skin. These factors help skin look dewy and firm, undermining dry skin’s brittle stiffness.